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Toby's Dream

Toby's Dream

“The Perlman Music Program is devoted to the concept that an educational experience should be adapted to the needs of the child.”

“I believe that students do best in an atmosphere in which they are not afraid to express themselves and are encouraged to be independent thinkers.

My personal experience informs me that no matter what the discipline, when students know they are being heard and not judged, they begin to take risks and try out new ideas.

Each talent is unique and therefore demands a personal approach, and, fortunately, we are able to make this philosophy a reality at The Perlman Music Program. Our student body is small; we can implement this approach to teaching and learning. The outcome is that The Perlman Music Program is able to nurture young people who develop confidence and become interesting, both as players and as people.

Our students come to us from all over the world. They lead complicated lives shouldering both musical and academic responsibilities; great demands are made upon them. They often are pushed to embark on a career path while they are still children, precisely at the time they need the support of an enriching and nurturing environment in order to flourish musically and personally.

At The Perlman Music Program we help to foster the talent and spirit of these extraordinarily gifted very promising young musicians.”

- Toby Perlman




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